Ferruccio Busoni: l’Enigme

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The enigmatic Italian composer Ferruccio Busoni slipped somewhat between the cracks of music history. Although well-known for his brilliant piano transcriptions of masterpieces by other composers, his original works have eluded popularity in performance. The publication of his controversial essay, Sketch of a new aesthetic of music marks a turning point in his musical style. l’Énigme highlights some of these later works, including the heroic Fantasia Contrappuntistica.

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Track 1: Élégies BV 249 I. Nach der Wendung
Track 2: Indianisches Tagebuch I, BV 267 I. Allegro affetuoso, un poco agitato
Track 3: Indianisches Tagebuch I, BV 267 II. Vivace
Track 4: Indianisches Tagebuch I, BV 267 III. Andante
Track 5: Indianisches Tagebuch I, BV 267 IV. Maestoso ma Andando
Track 6: Fantasia nach J.S. Bach, BV 253 
Track 7: Fantasia Contrappuntistica, BV 256
Track 8: Élégies, BV 249 VII. Berceuse