The composer Eric Zeisl, born in Vienna in 1905, had fled first to France in 1938 and then to the USA, where he settled in Los Angeles. This CD is intended to bear witness to the friendship between Eric Zeisl and Darius Milhaud, who had already met in Paris and also spent much time together in California. In addition to works by the two composers, the programme also includes Mozart’s Sonata in E minor, which is said to have particularly fascinated Zeisl. Menuchim’s song, with which the program opens, was composed in 1939 and is dedicated to Milhaud. Aubrun and Vanhauwaert provide a deeply felt interpretation of it. A wonderfully bold Second Sonata by Milhaud, written when the composer was 25 years old, is dedicated to André Gide. It is played on this CD with great imagination and refinement. A pleasantly fresh performance of the Mozart Sonata KV 304 leads to Zeisl Brandeis Sonata from 1949. Zeisl was active in the teaching of Jewish art music at the Brandeis Camp Institute in Santa Susana. Hence the name of the sonata, which is clearly one of the composer’s works influenced by Jewish music. Aubrun’s fine, sensitive violin tone and Vanhauwaert’s no less sensitive accompaniment make the first two movements, a Grave Allegretto and an Andante Religioso very moving. The Rondo-Allegro is played very differentiated and lively. The lyrical Gypsy Melody from the Suite op. 2 ends the intelligently arranged and extremely finely performed program with a melancholic-nostalgic touch.

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